Even today there are people that don't realize how easy it is to get a name and address for a cell phone user.  And if you are one of these people, don't worry:  the rest of this article will shed some light on the subject.

Are you trying to find a cell phone user? Well, if you have tried to find this information for free online by doing a Google or some other search engine search, you may have found the results to be rather elusive. But that's the bad news. The good news is that there is a fast and easy way to track down just about any mobile phone owner without busting the bank.

Reverse Cell Phone Find

But why do you have to cough up a fee to gain access to these results? It has to do with who owns the data behind these numbers. And these owners are companies like Sprint and Verizon. They don't seem too fond of releasing this information for free.

But they don't mind making a little money by leasing the identifying data behind the numbers they manage to third party directories. These directories are how it is possible for someone like you or me to find the location of a cell phone user.

But it will cost you a little bit. And that is because the directories had to first pay the mobile phone giants. So, the directories charge us. But the cost really isn't that much because the best directories sell these results in volume.

So, for about the cost of a bucket of chicken at KFC you can discover:

o Owner's name
o Current billing address
o List of previous addresses
o Names of possible relatives and neighbors
o Wireless Carrier
o Full owner history of the wireless number
o Other telephone numbers that belong to the owner
o Age
o Occupation

Some of the better reverse cell phone lookup directories also offer the option of a paid membership for the ability to conduct unlimited searches. Again, the cost is very reasonable and if you think you may run more than a few searches, it is definitely the option to go with.

Lookup a Cell Phone Call - How to Get It Done Quickly and Accurately

Not many times in my life have I found the need to lookup a cell phone call, but when I finally did, I had no clue how to go about it and whether the information was freely obtainable.  I spent the better part of 30 minutes unraveling this mystery.  What I found out is something that may help you.

People have more than a few different reasons for wanting to lookup a cell phone call.  The fact of the matter is that increasingly more people (at least in the United States) are using their wireless phone as their primary means of phone communication.  So if you don't know a certain person's wireless number and want to find out, what are your options?

It's not a free telephone directory. 

This I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Free telephone  directories are most useful for looking up landline telephone numbers connected to businesses and people like your 90 year old great-grandmother who still use a landline telephone.  White Pages and AnyWho.com are the 2 biggest free telephone phone directories.  Their job is to dispense personal information connected to telephone numbers that are a matter of public record. 

Wireless numbers are not a matter of public information.

That's the most fundamental point to understand about looking up the owner of a mobile number.  The information is owned by some entity, and this entity wants to be paid for revealing a caller's name, address and miscellaneous other personal details. 

After this, it's simply a matter of comparing which service offers the most extensively detailed reports at the lowest prices.   Depending on which service is used, you should typically expect to discover the caller's full name, current and past addresses, and names of relatives.  In addition to this, you should expect to discover the name of the phone carrier and where the number was issued.

A good way to discover what to expect n a typical report is to look for this feature on the website of the telephone directory.   A reputable directory should be able to disclose to you what a representative report looks like.  

Most services sell single reports and the option for a yearly membership.  This type of membership typically includes:

i) the ability to perform unlimited reverse phone searches on listed and landline numbers
ii) the ability to perform unlimited searches for people's phone numbers, addresses and relative names.

Basically what this means is that you'll have the ability to obtain a mountain of personal information on just about anybody.  Just keep in mind that privately owned information will still need to be purchased individually.

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